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At Julian’s Tree Care in Oxnard, CA, we’re an owner-operated tree service company with a mission to build lasting relationships with our customers, caring for their greenery year after year and helping their trees to reach their full potential.

Tree Trimming

At Julian’s Tree Care, we understand the value of quality tree trimming and having all your trimming done right. Tree trimming is both a science and an art, and proper trimming allows your trees to grow in the healthiest manner possible. It also greatly improves your tree’s appeal to the naked eye.

We offer three key tree trimming services – for trees that are growing in an unsafe manner or developing an unpleasant shape, we offer reshaping which allows for a more flowing branch line; For areas that are too dark due to dense foliage, we provide crown thinning, evenly lightening the tree to allow light and the wind to pass through more easily, all the while ensuring a branch structure that is optimum for tree health; We also offer tree balancing, which involves raising the crown to remove any lower branches that are causing obstructions.

In every case, you’ll be left in the end with a healthier tree boasting a neat, tidy appearance that will only add to your property’s value and appeal. Whatever your tree trimming needs, we are ready to come to your aid. Call us today at 805-377-1561.

Grinding and Removal

Do you have trees on your property that are sickly or stumps that are in the way and are destroying the look of your yard? Tree removal may be your best option. At Julian’s Tree Care, we have the expertise to remove any size tree or stump from your property, making it as if a tree had never been there.

Removing unwanted trees has the advantage of giving you more room on your property and for trees that have grown too close to your home or business, removing them will offer protection from falling limbs that can result from wind and storms.

To take advantage of our tree removal and stump grinding services, call 805-377-1561 and speak to one of our representatives. We have experience with all types of trees and we’d be happy to set up an appointment to provide you with a free estimate.

Foliage and Tree Shaping 

Even Mother Nature could use a hand once in a while. At Julian’s Tree Service, we will transform your trees and give them the appearance of that from a country estate.

Through careful tree shaping and pruning, our team will improve the aesthetic appeal of your trees, and we won’t harm them in the process. In many cases, we can also improve their overall health by removing dead or unhealthy branches that are taking up valuable nutrients. In the end, you’ll be left with trees that will be the envy of all who see them.

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